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Don’t leave anything to chance!  Complete your home fire safety plan with these additional accessories designed to help occupants get out of the house faster.

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Protect family and pets with safety products to complement your Early Alert Smoke Alarm Signal Extender System.  Window beacons and pathway lights work with sound sensors and receiver speakers to aid in escape and rescue.  Help those who need a little extra help.

Early Alert works with your smoke detectors!  See Full Video >

73.2% Fire Deaths Occur in Homes

Residential fires are the leading property type for fire deaths.  Homeowners are quick to install smoke detectors, but do they really work?  Studies show they are not as effective as people think, especially in homes with small children as they tend to sleep through the high-pitched siren.

Make It Easier

In the event of a house fire, it may not be easy for first responders to identify where the bedrooms are located and who may be occupying them.  Lead fire fighters to your baby’s room, an elderly or handicapped family member or pet.

  • Nursery Room

  • Elderly Parent

  • Handicapped Resident

  • Family Pet


77% of all fires occur in homes
50% of home fires occur at night
50.3% house fires are related to cooking

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