Project Description


Early Alert has several kit solutions to extend coverage in homes of any size. The system works with a home’s existing smoke detectors.



Select the number of sound sensors and voice/alarm speakers you need to bring the sound of an alarm closer to all family members, even when the source of the fire is located far from them.  The smoke detector alarm closest to the fire with trigger all of the speakers simultaneously, saving precious time.  For every bedroom in your home, you need 1 Receiver/Speaker and 2 Sound Sensors.

80% of Children Don’t Wake Up!

Studies show children often sleep through a traditional high-pitched tone smoke alarm.  But a recording of a mom’s voice proved more effective in waking up sleeping children.

Unique Mom Voice Alarm

Smoke detectors save thousands of lives every year, but they may not actually wake up children when the alarm sound is triggered.  Fires often start far from bedrooms and in the middle of the night.  Research shows an alarming reality that the high-pitched tone of the smoke alarm fails to wake sleeping children.

  • 2 Sound Sensors

  • 2 Voice/Speakers

  • Quick Start Guide


80% Sleep Through Alarm
50% take 5 mins to wake up
90% wake to Voice Alarm in 30 secs

Wake Up!